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This package is designed to allow users to obtain clean and tidy TAB betting markets for both racing and sports. It gives users the ability to access data more efficiently.

Future Plans

I hope to expand this to allow for interacting with the betting API - potentially giving users the ability to place bets through the API. To do this, I’m still waiting on the TAB Digital Team to respond to a request for an access token to be able to test out some functions.


You can install the released version of bettRtab from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


The functions in this package should work without hitch locally, but running these in an automated way (GitHub Actions, cloud, etc) may lead to requests being blocked.

To get around this, you will need access to proxies and would need to set configs at the start of your scripts similar to the following:

httr::set_config(httr::use_proxy(url = Sys.getenv("PROXY_URL"),
                                 port = as.numeric(Sys.getenv("PROXY_PORT")),
                                 username =Sys.getenv("PROXY_USERNAME"),
                                 password= Sys.getenv("PROXY_PASSWORD")))

How To

To get a better understanding of how to use the library, see the package vignette here

Show your support

Follow me on Twitter (jaseziv) for updates

If this package helps you, all I ask is that you star this repo. If you did want to show your support and contribute to server time and data storage costs, feel free to send a small donation through the link below.

Coffee (Server Time)


Issues and Improvements

When creating an issue, please include:

  • Reproducible examples
  • A brief description of what the expected results are
  • For improvement suggestions, what features are being requested and their purpose

Feel free to get in touch via email or twitter if you aren’t able to create an issue.


Image used in the logo comes from shutterstock