Bugfix: plot_moves() now correctly shows all moves (@jonocarroll)

Feature: plot_moves() now takes a sleep argument which can be used to alter the speed of plot increments, e.g. slower/faster for interactive use, or sleep = 0 for producing a gif (@jonocarroll)

Feature: extract_moves() and extract_moves_as_game() can now take a local PGN file as input (@jonocarroll)

Feature: explored variations are now stripped from move input (@jonocarroll)

New function lichess_clock_move_time created to extract clock and move times from Lichess game data

Package documentation upgrades to address further CRAN submission feedback

The following functions were created to aid in the visualisation of matches played:

  • get_raw_game_data() previously deprecated, now removed

  • Lichess online platform extractions now integrated, including get_raw_lichess for games and lichess_leaderboard for the top leaders #5

  • New function created (get_raw_chessdotcom) deprecate get_raw_game_data #6
  • Various analysis functions created
  • get_top50_leaderboard deprecated, replaced with chessdotcom_leaderboard() #6

Initial release of the chessR package

  • Added function for extracting raw chess.com data in a data frame
  • Added a function that in addition to extracting the raw data, also included additional features
  • Added a function to extract the top 50 leaderboard depending on the game type selected